Mum & Me Sewing Classes



Mum & Me Sewing Classes

Spend quality time together in an afternoon sewing class with your child exploring your creative side, learning to sew!

Our class surely wouldn’t be like the good old days as in the black and white photos of the 1950s, with Mums and children having a sewing session together; but we surely aim at making it an exciting experience to help you and your precious darling, treasure a memory of time spend together.

Both of you will have fun learning a practical life skill of sewing.  During these classes Mum and child will sew some fun projects together. You and your little Darling (age 7 to any age) will learn basic sewing skills and make some creative projects to take home.

For children younger, the classes will be structured with all fine hand sewing projects only while Mum will be machine sewing.

Our Mum & Me sewing classes are fun for every member of the family.  We have set projects suitable for multiple ages, interests, and skill levels from complete beginners to sewing enthusiasts.

Our classes are not only for females. We do have males and little boys too attending our sewing classes. Please do not hesitate to enroll your little boys as well. Sewing is an amazing practical life skill to teach every child!

What you will make: Together, you and your child will make few projects of which one will be a tote bag, this is to hold your sewing goodies and supplies in.
The highlight of this class is, you will make a memorable cushion cover, Mum makes one side, and the child makes the other or each make your own. Bring along an old favorite garment of each one to add a little patchwork on each side of the cushion each other will be working on. Mum will add a patch of child’s garment and vice versa, making it a memorable keepsake.

What you will learn: Both will learn a new practical life skill.  Using a sewing machine basics, tools and terminology, kinds of stitches and constructing a sewing project,  preparing your fabric, pinning patterns, and more.

Cost: $450.00 which includes some fabrics for some of the projects and supplies, and equipment for both Mum and child to use during classes. Add $200.00 for each additional adult or child who would like to attend the class, making it a family memory.

Skill Level:  Beginner
Cost: $450
Additional member: $200
Location: Rooty Hill
Class Length: 4 x 2 hour sessions
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Day: Saturdays
Prerequisite: None, we start you from your very first stitch!

Please note, As these classes are aimed at creating a memorable experience, only one family at a time will be accomodated to make it a wonderful time spent together, unless requested for combined classes with another family friend.


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