Have you ever wondered what to do with those precious clothes left back by departed loved ones? These are ones that you cannot even think about giving away or sell because they are way too precious to part with and so filled with memories.

These clothes could also be clothes of your precious little babies outgrown, Nan’s favorite dressing gown, Pop’s favorite old shirt, a favorite team’s t-shirt, your kindergarten or school, work, or sports uniform. Whatever it garments it might be that you would like to treasure they can all be turned in to our beautiful keepsakes. Here at Lyndaz Dressmaking, we turn any precious clothing into memorable treasurable keepsakes as in memory bears, stuffed animals, blankets, pillow / cushion covers and much more.

Have an adorable drawing or a cute letter to you from your little darling? You are at the right place! Send us a message to get the process started. We digitize these converting them into adorable keepsakes.

Let us help you hold them close to your heart by getting our hands to work on those beloved clothes in creating adorable keepsakes. We can take virtually any fabric items and turn them into gorgeous keepsake blankets, quilts, cushions, teddy bears, dragons, monkeys, ducks…we have a whole keepsake animal family.

We take great pride in all our pieces; knowing that the keepsake will be part of a family for many years to come we make sure they are crafted to an exceedingly high standard.  Great care and attention to the finest details are given when creating them.

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