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Learning to sew at a young age is a wonderful skill to master, it encourages creativity, mathematical skills, logical thinking, and fine motor skill along with an ever-growing consciousness of the ethical and environmental impact of the fashion industry of this era.


Is your child between 9 and 15 years old and enjoys making things? Then we are sure to have a sewing class that they will love! We run an after school sewing club for children. Each week children will work on new projects. Some projects might take some children to stretch it our two weeks to complete as well. As each child is unique in their own way, they take their unique time to complete each project.

Sewing assists in developing good hand/eye co-ordination, manual dexterity, stimulates the creative imagination and aids in project planning. It gives a sense of achievement and self-worth. I believe that it’s such an important life skill that all children should learn be it girls or boys.

However, it’s important that they get suitable sewing lessons.  My sewing lessons for children focus firstly on safety. Then we do some fun exercises to learn how to use the sewing machine. Easy children’s sewing projects are fun and are a great way to learn basic sewing techniques.

There are only a small number of children in each class so each can receive lots of attention and they are carefully supervised.


What will they make?

Lots of fun projects from: Appliqué cushions, tote bags, pencil cases, buntings, felt greeting cards, stuffed animals, heart key rings, tutu’s, clothes appliqué, felt brooches and simple sewing projects. We are constantly introducing new and different projects to keep our creative sewing bees engaged.


What will they learn?

They will have the opportunity to learn a variety of different skills. Depending on their age and ability they will be taught:

  • Learn hand sewing techniques
  • Learn hand embroidery
  • How to use a sewing machine safely and confidently
  • How to cut fabrics with confidence
  • Practice sewing straight lines, curves, and corners
  • How to cut out a simple pattern
  • How to measure, draft and cut very simple patterns for projects
  • Learn simple garment construction using commercial patterns
  • Each class introduces new skills and gives every child an opportunity to practice old ones


What is included?

The use of sewing machines, all fabrics, sewing supplies, scissors, tools, and threads needed to complete their projects.

How many levels of learning are available?

Once children complete their Beginners level classes, they can register to complete the Improvers level and so on.

Levels of learning that children can do as they complete each level…..

Beginners level – Children work on very simple hand and machine sewing projects.

Improvers level – Children will work on projects for animals during bushfire season.

Intermediate level – Children will work on making simple garments for themselves.

Advanced level – Children will learn to use a measuring tape more and draft a basic garment pattern.

Links to our childrens classes……

Childrens Beginner Sewing Classes

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