Children’s Sewing Classes



Sewing and dressmaking is an amazing skill for anyone to learn. Rather than it becoming a fading-away skill these days, why not give our younger generation an opportunity to learn it?

Learning Outcome – Creative Arts
Duration: One day a week for 8 weeks
Ages – 5 to 14 years
Days – Monday to Friday (pick a day suitable)
Time – 4 pm to 6 pm
Location – Rooty Hill
Fee – $350
Offer – Register with sibblings or friends and each get $50 OFF

What is taught?

These classes are focused on providing children with a practical life skill. Children will learn the very basics of sewing and will work on one project each week. They will be encouraged to create an album with mini versions of every project they work on.

Upon completing the basic level children can continue to enrol into the next level in which they will gradually be moving into dressmaking and pattern drafting skills.

What to bring?

Materials for some projects to encourage the children shopping for materials and know various fabrics.
A note book and pen if they would like to take down any notes.

What is provided?

Sewing machines and all equipments.
Materials to make some of their projects as well as their mini versions of projects for their albums.

How can parents help?

Encourage the children by giving them little sewing tasks for around the home or even asking them to use a measuring tape to measure doors, pillow covers, etc.

About my small business and myself –

Apart from being a dressmaker for 27+ years, I am also a qualified Early Childhood Educator and a Montessori trained Educator. I am a homeschooling Mumma, been homeschooling my children for the last 5 years.
My business is reqistered and insured. I do have my WWCC, Police Check, First Aid.

Are these classes only for girls?
Absolutely Not, Boys too can learn to sew, our classes are for everyone with a passion to learn sewing 🙂

How about classes for Homeschooling children?
Yes, I do conduct classes for Homeschooling children as well on Thursday mornings.

Do we accept Creative Kids vouchers?
Yes, we do!


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