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In this complete alterations course, you will learn all aspects of garment repairs / alterations.  This is perfectly suitable for anyone looking at learning clothing alterations and alter their own garments or even start a small business of clothing alterations.

While attending these classes and by performing clothing alterations for family, friends, relatives, or yourself, at cheaper prices, you can, not only have your material to work on and learn but also, the course pays for itself.

This is a complete hands-on practical course where you will learn to unpick stitches and re-fix stitches. Expect to start your class clean and end it with threads/ cottons all over you!


What you will learn……

  • Hems for trousers, skirts, blouses, tops, jeans.
  • Trousers’ hems with and without cuffs.
  • Trousers machine and hand hemming
  • Zippers:  centred, lapped, invisible, fly front zipper, open end.
  • Repairs – sew rips, splits, pulled seams, tears, holes, mend / darn, creative mending.
  • Sew buttons and buttonholes by machine.
  • Trousers – Take in and let out at the centre back of waist.
  • Take in and let out dresses at the sides, add / remove darts.
  • Lifted the shoulders, reshaping the neckline and armhole.
  • Re-set sleeves.
  • Take in sleeve lengths, move cuffs up. re-sew plackets.
  • Lined garments: how to pin and mark.
  • Jackets – Take in centre back or sides.
  • Jackets – Add or remove padding and adjust shoulders length.
  • Shorten / lengthen sleeve Jackets with sleeve vent, buttons, and buttonholes.
  • Shorten the length of the Jackets and sew the original hem shape.
  • Alter jackets by changing / re-designing the lapel.
  • Covert double breast Jackets to standard Jackets.
  • Take in and let out dresses with lining
  • Take in and let out a bodice with boning.
  • Work with beadings. Sequins, lace, trims, and other notions
  • Alter multiple layers of fabrics in a garment.
  • Alter the length of wedding dresses from the bottom hemline or waist.
  • Create Bustle for wedding and formal dresses.
  • Work with complex alteration some garments.

What to Bring……

  • Basic sewing machine
  • Second hand clothing as per course content refer to week 1 to 5 below as well
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Zippers for centred, lapped, invisible, fly front and open-end zippers.
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Seam ripper and thread clipper
  • Sewing machine needles – various sizes
  • Buttons
  • Calico
  • Facing
  • Butchers / Packaging paper
  • Pencils for drafting
  • A notebook and pen to take down any notes


Week 1:   Basic sewing lesson to refresh your skills

Learn the basics of sewing, setting up machines, all about tension, adjusting stitch lengths,

all about zippers, button and buttonholes sewing, different kinds of zippers, needles, etc

Week 2:   2 pairs of Jeans, 2 pairs of formal men’s trouser – with and without cuff, zipper.

Skirt with splits. Invisible zipper or plain zipper. Zipper foot

Buttons, Calico. Threads for jeans, sewing machine needles 12, 14, 16

Week 3:  Ladies & Gents trousers.

Dress with zipper lined or unlined, facing, ladies’ top / blouse with darts, and sleeves.

Business shirts with and without cuffs.  (Collar and stand) Threads / cottons for sewing


Week 4:  Men’s Jacket with or without splits on sleeves and buttons. Sewing needles.

Lined dress, invisible zipper. Threads for garments, invisible zipper foot


Week 5:  1 mt chiffon for roll hems. Sharp scissors.

2 dresses lined, with and without boning, wedding dress with or without.

Lace, to learn how to deal with lace on wedding dresses.


Week 6:  Learn to use / improve your hand sewing and overlocking skills.



Basic sewing knowledge and experience.

Days: Mondays & Fridays

Time: 10am to 3pm

Duration: 6 weeks

Fee: $800

Payment options: Learn now Pay later – Humm, Afterpay, PayItLater


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