Canadian / North American Smocking



Have you ever wanted to learn Canadian smocking, but aren’t sure where to start?
Canadian / North American smocking is a beautiful art of hand sewing fabric manipulation technique, that creates a unique and beautiful folded design on the front of the fabric.
You can use your smocked fabric to turn simple projects into projects of beauty and elegance!
Your imagination is the only limitation to how you can use your smocked fabric!
Starting with the basics you will continue exploring a number of variations of this fabulous technique.
You will learn three different patterns (braid, arrows, and flowers), and go home with your designs after each class.
Skill Level
No prior experienced required. You might or might not know sewing. You will learn this technique from scratch!
What you will learn…..
In this course, you will learn….
• the whole process of Canadian fabric smocking
• how to create step by step 3-dimensional
• structured and simply beautiful smocked patterns
• hand-stitch a whole range of smocking patterns
• drawing grids and patterns
• method to calculate the fabric required
During this course you will be encouraged to create your own smocking sample book. You will see beautiful inspirations and learn how to apply these techniques to fashion and accessories and design projects.
What to bring…
No previous skills are necessary to master this course. You don’t need any sewing, fabric design, or patternmaking skills. During this course, we will only hand-stitch. The only things you really need is the patience, passion and eagerness to learn something exciting along with the materials listed here.
In terms of materials and tools, you will need….
Fabric around 2m of plain coloured fabric without any prints
Needles for hand-sewing
Thread / Cottons
Tailor’s chalk,
Pencil & Eraser
Coloured pencils or pens (optional)
Book to create you sample book.
Who this course is for….
• This course is for everyone who love to learn Canadian / North American smocking!
• Suitable for adults and children
Where to from here….
Once you complete this course, if interested in learning further; you can go ahead and register to learn my Heirloom / English smocking course.
Further details….
Duration: 6 weeks
Day: Thursdays
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Cost: $350
** Children can use their Creative Kids Vouchers to cover part of the cost! **


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