Bollywood fashion – Saree blouse course



Description :This is an 8 weeks course covering all the above topics to make a saree blouse in different styles.
As learners, you will work with each other and take measurements. You will be expected to make atleast two foundation choli /saree blouses of. You will be shown how to draft the variations of all the other styles using the foundation choli.
What you will learn…..

• Taking accurate measurements
• Pattern drafting
• Foundation – Choli blouse – unlined
• Choli blouse – lined
• How to make a Princess blouse
• How to make a Waistband blouse
• Padded blouse
• How to make Single Katori
• How to make High neck blouse collared
• How to make Double katori
• How to make High neck with built-in Collar

Pre-requisite:Completed our Beginners Sewing Classes or already have beginner to intermediate sewing knowledge and experience.

What to bring:

Measuring tape
Dressmakers pins
Drafting paper
Cottons / Threads
A pack of Universal sewing machine needles
Fabrics for each saree blouse
Hand sewing needles
Hooks & loops

Cost : $450

Offer: Register with a friend and both of you get $50 OFF each.

Please note all fees should be paid in full and cleared prior to start date.


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